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13th December 2006


BMW cars (the ultimate driving machines) have fans all around the world and I’m not an exception. I love BMW cars, I love their handling, I love how they are responsive, I love the way they’re so perfectly designed, I love everything that’s related to them!


I always wanted to create a website that’s devoted to BMW cars but I never had enough knowledge nor time to do this. Recently, I purchased a new BMW E36 318is that I like so much and I decided that it’s time to create that website that I always wanted. So here we go. I started to collect all the information that I can get about this amazing car and I will post that information on this website as soon as I get it.


Please enjoy your stay and if you think you have any notes that can make this website better, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


BTW, if you have a E36 and you think it deserves to be added to “Our Models” section, please let me know.


best regards,

Tony Sticks

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