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5th September 2007


Want to advertise on the BMW E36 Blog? Sure, this would be great for both of us. This blog has a PageRank of 3 (PR3) and it is gaining popularity and traffic really really fast. At this time, I have 1891 subscribers to my blog and I’m receiving a very good amount of traffic each month. If you’re interested in advertising on my blog, please contact me for more details about the blog statistics. I’m sure you will be impressed :lol:

If you have websites with unsuitable content like (well, you know). I’m sorry, I can’t advertise your business in this blog. Sorry!

Advertisements Heatmap

This is the heatmap for the BMW E36 Blog advertisements, please check it here.

Types of Advertisements

1. Direct links from my Blogroll: I can provide you with one or more text links from my Blogroll (right sidebar) to your website(s). This type of links is a site-wide link and it will help you gain traffic and boost your rank on Google search results.

Price: 25$/mo

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2. Banners (125X125) under "Partners" section (Animation is allowed): This type of ads will bring your website a decent amount of traffic daily and I will optimize it to boost your website ranking in the Google search results.

Price: 100$/mo

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3. Skyscraper (160X600) under "Partners" section (Animation is allowed): This is the best deal we have and it will bring your website a very huge amount of traffic.

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4. After Post: This is a very effective advertisement location. After the visitor finishes reading the post, he will see your advertisements and he will most probably click on it to visit your website to read about your product(s).


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5. Website/Product Review: With this option I will review your website or product and write a post about it on the blog. Please notice that I will be giving my honest opinion about your website/product, not a promotional review. This option will send a good deal of my blog readers to your website.

Price: 100$/review

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If you need more details, or if you have any questions, please contact me and I will be more than glad to help.

Tony Sticks.
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