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24th February 2007

Do It Yourself

BMW E36 DIY (Do It Yourself) Page


Are you a Do It Yourself guy?

For those of you who like to fix their BMW car(s) by themselves, I recommend you to get the Bentley BMW 3 series service manual which is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I got it and recommend you to get one for you as it will save you too much time and money while fixing your car.



Installing stock speakers inside your BMW E36 without making any damages!

Installing amplifier inside your BMW E36





BMW E36 Handbrakes adjustment!

Replacing BMW E36 Brake Pads

Replacing BMW E36 brakes switch!





Installing immobiliser for your BMW E36

Reset BMW E36 oil service light

Fixing BMW E36 Light Switch Illumination

Fixing BMW E36 Blower Fan Speed

Making your BMW Angel Eyes Fadeout

Illuminating BMW E36 M3 logo!

Installing lighted shift knob for your BMW

Fixing your BMW OBC (On Board Computer) lights

Footwell light for your BMW E36

Installing Plasma Gauges For Your BMW E36

Fixing BMW E36 Window Switch Light

Parking Sensor Installation in your BMW E36

Replacing BMW E36 Headlights





BMW E36 Headlamp Glass Replacement

BMW E36 Fog lights removal

Cleaning BMW E36 Ellipsoid headlights.

Fixing E36 Heated Mirrors.

De-Lensing BMW E36 Headlights




How to remove BMW E36 rear seats?

Installing Seat Heaters for BMW E36

Fixing BMW E36 door panel

Removing BMW E36 Glove box

Installing Silver Gauge Cluster Rings for your BMW

Changing BMW E36 Microfilter

Fixing BMW E36 Door Panels



Cleaning E36 ICV (Idle Control Valve)

Replacing BMW E36 M42/M44 Spark Plugs

Replacing Camshaft Position Sensor


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