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BMW E36 Blog hitting the 100 subscribers mark!

30th September 2007

BMW E36 Blog hitting the 100 subscribers mark!


Hi Guys, I’m glad to announce that BMW E36 Blog has hit the 100 subscribers mark (well, actually 101 mark) … finally! I’m very excited about this new progress as it indicates that many readers are enjoying this blog. Here’s a screenshot that I’ve taken when I saw the 101 subscribers, although I see 59 🙁 now, but I’m sure that’s b/c of the week end and that it will catch up later today or maybe tomorrow.

101 Subscribers Mark


And here’s another screenshot of the subscribers change through this year. You can see how it’s building up I LOVE IT!.

Feed Statistics


Of course, I want to thank all my faithful readers who are reading this post and also want to welcome my new subscribers and please guys, if you have any notes or suggestions, please do NOT hesitate to drop me a line.


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