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Cute BMW E36 … Can you make it look better?

27th November 2007

Cute BMW E36 … Can you make it look better?


I’ve found this BMW E36 and I like it because it’s not messed up. I like making changes to BMW cars, but I like to keep the changes minimum not to ruin them like some people usually do. Starting by some modifications then ending with a Hyundai or Maybe a Honda :D. Anyway, consider this as an untouched vehicle and you want to make it look better, you can change 3 things at max. What these things would be? For me, I would change its Rims (Number 1). I would get leather seats (Number 2) and then I would Lower that car (Number 3). If I had a fourth thing that I can make, I would change the headlights too. But I will just keep it at three. Yeah, also, I know that some of you will be burning to mention the automatic change to manual as a choice. This has nothing to do with the car appearance remember?

Lets here it guys…


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