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Anti-Theft Wheel Locks For Your BMW

27th January 2008

Anti-Theft Wheel Locks For Your BMW


Let’s admit it! Thieves are just not going to back off any time soon and it’s almost like they’re getting smarter and smarter every day. They’ve been steeling cars and car alarms became a must now for almost any car. They have been steeling sound systems and expensive subwoofers/amplifiers and head units. Now, it’s your car wheels. When you’re driving a car with expensive wheels, many thieves will seriously consider paying you a visit. It’s getting very common to hear about stolen wheels on cars (specially expensive ones). This is a real problem although the solution can be very simple and very cheap. It’s called "wheel locks". The idea behind this is to change one bolt on each wheel of your car with one of the bolts provided by this kit. These bolts can’t be loosened without a special key (provided with the kit). This way, when a thief pays you a visit and tries to unscrew your wheel bolts, the secure bolt will tell him "SURPRISE . . . YOUR TOOL DOESN’T WORK ON ME YOU MORON". I think this a very good tool to use in case you have expensive wheels that you want to protect against theft.

Anti-Theft Wheel Locks For Your BMW


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9th January 2008

Upgrade Your Car Audio System Easily


I used to have a BMW E30 with a sound system before I got my BMW E36 318is car. The sound system had a Sony Xplod head unit, Kenwood Speakers, Kenwood subwoofer and Boschmann Amplifier. I really miss that sound system sometimes. It had a magnificent sound with a deep bass that I used to really enjoy. Since I had my new E36, I don’t enjoy my music like I used to simply because I don’t have high quality sound system. I wrote previously about installing Pioneer speakers inside my car without cutting through metal. This gave my audio system a push, but I still don’t like the sound that much. The only logical choice for me was to install a new amplifier and subwoofers to gain the quality I used to have, but since I love my new car and I don’t want to cut through metal, I decided not to get those big subwoofers. I also hate to fill my trunk with a sound box too, so I throw both solutions out of the window. Yesterday, I was looking for some audio upgrades and I’ve found this Audiobahn Enclosures (Subwoofer + Amplifier). Take a look:

These cuties have:
1. Small Space: So, I don’t have to cut through metal anymore and I don’t need to put it in my trunk either. I will just put it on the rear seat which I don’t use that often.
2. Integrated 120Watts Amplifier: Cool!
3. Nice looking box: OK, I hate the chrome a little bit, but what can I say, life is not perfect!
4. The kit costs $157

Take a look at the kit:


It has:
Subwoofer, 120W Amplifier, Bass Control Knob, RCA Inputs. Everything you need to install them!

I think this choice is awesome! You upgrade your audio system with bass and without the headache. I hope you like it, I think it’s brilliant.


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