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Black BMW E36 M3 . . . What Can You Do For It?

18th March 2008

Black BMW E36 M3 . . . What Can You Do For It?


I usually post about a BMW E36 that needs too much work and I ask you what you can do to make it look great with minimum changes? Today, I’ve found this black BMW E36 M3 which looks great already, but I still think that it can look even better. So, I’m going to ask you what can you do to modify this car and make it look better with only ONE change?

Take a look:-

If it was up to me, I would change the headlights to one of the new types that come up in one piece (with the corner light). For instance the third type with angel eyes in BMW E36 Headlights. I’m sure it will make it look fabulous. What about you? What would you change?

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