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BMW E36 318ti With Blue Theme

13th April 2008

BMW E36 318ti With Blue Theme


Hello, I was shocked today when I found these photos for a BMW E36 318ti. I’m not a fan of the ti cars, but occasionally I find some cars that look really awesome. Today, I didn’t find a cool looking car. Instead, I’ve found a car with a blue theme (if you want to call it a theme). The car is silver and the car’s owner decided (somehow!!) that adding some blue touches to the car will make it look better!

I think the car looks ugly as hell and provides a live example of what NOT to do with your car. This reminds me of a time when I thought that painting my calipers with light blue will look cool on my silver E30. I tried it and it looked like hell, so I repainted them the next day with light gray.

I’m not sure what this guy was thinking, but if I were him, I would lose every blue piece in this car to at least make the car look acceptable.

Check it out:-

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