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BMW E36 Illuminated Door Sills

30th December 2007

BMW E36 Illuminated Door Sills


I’ve heard about illuminated door sills that can be installed on BMW E36 cars couple days ago. This is the first time I hear about these sills and they seem to be very cool. Imagine such door sills illumining with amber when you open your car’s door at night. They’ll definitely look awesome and make your car stand out from the crowd. Since that time, I’ve been looking for more information and sources about how to get these cute sills. Unfortunately, I was unable to find enough information about them. I’ve found couple photos for BMW door sills (not E36). Take a look:


And I found BMW E36 illuminated door sills on Amazon. Take a look:



What I hate about the sills from Amazon:

1. They’re only for E36 sedan, so if you have coupe, you can’t get them. 🙁
2. The color is not Amber, so I’m not sure whether they’ll look good or not, but if they were Amber, they’ll definitely be worth buying.

What do you think? Maybe the color can be changed some how?


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