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Would you draw a painting on your BMW ?!

18th July 2007

Would you draw a painting on your BMW ?!

First of all, I want to welcome Solodnikov and Laz who were the first to post their information on my previous post Welcome BMW E36 blog readers!. I hope to get more comments like these in the future as we build a small community of BMW E36 enthusiasts. For those of you who missed it, or just felt lazy of doing it, please go there and fill your information.


Alright, I’m ready to start talking about today’s post. Did anyone of you hear about Alexandar Calder? If you didn’t (like me), then you should know that he’s an artist. This artist draws some of the best paintings I’ve ever seen, but the catch is that he doesn’t draw on paper (like Picasso), or even on walls (like hmmm… me when I was young 🙂 ). He draws on cars (especially BMW cars) and from what I’ve seen, he’s very good at it. In the link I provided above, I saw many cars that he worked on. But I thought the E36 paintings were the best. Anyway, I leave i to you to decide. Check them out.







Wait for more from BMW E36 Blog.


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Tony Sticks.

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