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BMW E36 OBC Showing -35F or -37C Temperature

14th May 2008

BMW E36 OBC Showing -35F or -37C Temperature


I published the post Faulty temperature sensor in BMW E36 long time ago. The post talked about the reason why your OBC shows a wrong external temperature like -35F or -37C. At the time of writing that post, I was going to replace the sensor and to my surprise I found that it’s missing. Luckily the wires where hanging there. It seems that someone thought it’s not necessary and this car will not need it. Anyway, somehow I forgot the whole thing and it took me until today to actually get a new one (used) :p , take a look below:

Poor sensor 😀 . The wiring was very easy, just connect the sensor wires to the wires inside your brake duct and you’re set.

After I connected the temperature sensor, I thought the car will show the temperature right away, but it took some time until it started showing the correct temperature. First it started like this -37C , then  gradually increasing until it reached 0C then it started going up until it reached 30C.

It’s very nice to fix this problem and very easy at the same time, so if you have this problem in your car, I don’t think you should wait like I did. Just get the temp sensor and fix it.


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4th July 2007

Faulty temperature sensor in BMW E36

Hi Guys,


If your car is showing wrong outside temperature ( -37C or -35F ) like mine, this means that you have a faulty outside temperature sensor (temp sensor) which seems to be a very common problem in the BMW E36 by the way. At first, I thought it’s a hard problem to solve and decided to ignore it, but I found that replacing this sensor is straight forward if you know where it is located. I found some photos of it that you may find useful in locating and then replacing it.


I hope I will be able to fix this problem in my car this weekend. I think you too should do it if it’s broken.



Disclaimer: Use this info at your own risk!! I’m not responsible if this didn’t work for you.


This is where you can find the temp sensor, pretty clever, huh?



This is a photo of a brand new temp sensor



Wait for more from BMW E36 Blog.


Best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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