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BMW E36 Wiring Problem

11th March 2008

BMW E36 Wiring Problem


If you open your trunk, you will notice that there are some wires that are running from you car into your trunk and these wires are covered with with a black coat. The problem with these wires is that they move whenever you open or close your trunk and if you add the time factor to this, you will end up with a wiring disaster that may affect the entire car. I’ve checked my wires and found that some of them are cut and the cover of the wires is removed. Luckily these wires didn’t make a contact to each other. Otherwise, I’m sure a disaster will occur. I’ve heard about a guy who faced this same situation and the entire car went crazy. The dash lights, the headlights, the OBC and a bunch of fuses burned trying to keep the car alive. So I thought you all need to know about this. Besides, the job is very simple, all you need to do is to open your trunk, remove the black coat that’s covering the wires (take a look at the photo below) and make sure they’re in a good shape. If they’re not, which I think it will be the common case, I suggest your replace them right away to avoid some serious problems in your car’s wiring.


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