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A Better Looking BMW In 3 Steps

13th February 2008

A Better Looking BMW In 3 Steps


I’ve found this BMW E36 and I thought the car is looking good, but I felt like something is missing from this car. I can see that the car owner did a good job in maintaining it, but I feel that it still needs a little bit more work and it will become a really sweet looking car. So I decided to post it here and see what you all think of it and how you can modify it in three steps to make it look fantastic. Remember that after applying these three steps, you have to be impressed with the car, not just saying ok … It looks better now, isn’t it.

Take a look at the photos first, then read below to know how I would modify this car:



For me, I think this car will need these three updates that will make it look great:

1. A Lowering Kit: I believe that lowering this car is a must and that you will never get a perfect looking BMW without lowering it.

2. 17-Inch Rims: I would choose the AC Schnitzer Rims.

3. Tinted windows: Right and Left windows will need to be tinted and I would go with a light smoke degree. Not the limo black one.

I can think of 3 more upgrades to the car and no, the M3 body kit is not one of them. I know that it is easier to make a BMW E36 look great with a M3 body kit, but you have to choose something else. Let’s hear your opinions.

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