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Interior Upgrade For BMW E36

29th May 2008

Interior Upgrade For BMW E36



As you may all know, I don’t like to mess around with the car’s interior. For example, I always hated using multiple colors of leather inside the car unless the colors really match. Using leather with light colors in the gear boot will always make the car’s interior look bad IMAHO. The end result is always worse than the standard look of the car.

Today, I’ve found this car with some nice interior modification. They actually made the car look better and at the same time they look/are OEM. So, they won’t look ricey on the BMW E36.

The interior upgrade for this car included:
1. Blaupunkt Business CD43
2. 7 button MID with temp retrofitted
3. Genuine dark walnut gear knob (new) and glovebox trim (used)
4. Dome maplights
5. Centre console and cloth armrest
6. Dark walnut handbrake

This is an example of how you can upgrade your car’s interior, without making it look ricey. Take a look at the photos:

I have to admit, this car looks clean and has a decent interior.


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