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BMW E36 With Side Air Vents

8th June 2008

BMW E36 With Side Air Vents



Today, I’m going to write about this BMW E36 car with side air vents. The owner of this car just installed these air vents that you can see in the pictures below to see if they’re going to look good on his car or not.

While, I’m not a fan of none standard accessories that I believe in many cases will make the car look ugly and ricey to say the least, this time it was different. Now, I’m sure that you all are going to disagree with me, but I think the side air vents should look great on our BMW E36 cars, but NOT THIS ONE.

If I were to install such air vents, I would’ve bought something not shinny like these and installed them correctly on my car (please notice that these were installed in the opposite directions).

If these were black and without any chrome on them, I think they would’ve looked great on the car. What do you guys think?

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