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BMW E36 Carsoft Diagnosis Tool

15th February 2008

BMW E36 Carsoft Diagnosis Tool


I’ve been looking for a diagnosis tool for BMW E36 cars and while doing so, I’ve heard a lot about different diagnosis tools and about how weak and inefficient they are at spotting problems and running diagnosis correctly on BMW cars (BMW E36 cars in particular). Such tools usually give you wrong diagnosis which will end up with you paying too much money to change parts that do not need changing at all. Today, I found this Carsoft diagnosis tool (now called "BMW Ultimate Pro 1.0") and it seems to be a very good and reliable tool.

I know that you may be relying on your OBC Check button to do some simple diagnosis for your car, but if you’re looking for a very deep and detailed diagnosis tool. I think the Carsoft diagnosis tool is the TOOL for you. It can run diagnosis for different modules of your BMW E36 like Digital Petrol Engine Control Unit (DME diagnosis),  Digital Diesel Engine Control Unit (DDE diagnosis), Automatic Gear Box Control Unit (EGS diagnosis), ABS/ASC (Brake & Traction diagnosis), AIRBAG diagnosis, HKL (Air Conditioning diagnosis), BC/MID (On Board Computer/Multi Information Display diagnosis), IC (Instrument Cluster diagnosis), LCM/CCM (All Light & Check Control Modules diagnosis), LOD (This is a really long list of diagnosis 😆 ), ZKE/ZVM (Central Body Electronics diagnosis), EWS (Immobilize System diagnosis), CVM (Cabrio Soft Top diagnosis) plus other diagnosis for newer model of BMW cars. If you want to read a full-review of this tool, go here.

Here’s some sample screenshots of the tool in action:

And these are some diagnosis results:

And here’s some photos of the Carsoft Diagnosis tool package:


I’ve tried to find out how to order the Carsoft diagnosis tool and I ended up on this website, but they are requesting you to fly to Belgium to get your tool 😆 LOOOL!. I’m sure these guys are just kidding.  Anyway the price of the tool is $120 (shipping included), but I will have to find out how I can order it. So, stay tuned, I hope I will be back soon to you with more information about how to order this tool online.


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