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BMW E36 Fuse Box / Relay Layout

12th February 2008

BMW E36 Fuse Box / Relay Layout


If you like to fix your BMW E36 electrical issues which normally happen very often and you don’t like to visit electricians almost all the time, then you must have the BMW E36 fuse box diagram. These diagrams can come in handy especially if your window regulator relay goes bad. The fuse box diagram is usually found under the cover of your fuse box, but unfortunately, it’s not always there. That happens because of two possible reasons. The first, is that it has fallen off and you didn’t notice it or maybe you got the car like this. The second reason is because you don’t have a fuse box cover 😆 (like me before I bought mine).

So, if you don’t have that fuse diagram then this post was made for you. I have found the fuse box layouts for both BMW E36 325i and the BMW E36 318is.

This is the 325i fuse box diagram:

And this is the relay diagram from the Bentley Manual:

And this is the 318is diagram:

I suggest that you either bookmark this article for later reference or at least print it and keep a copy of it inside your car and maybe stick it inside your fuse box cover. Have fun!


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