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Illuminating BMW E36 M3 logo!

15th February 2007

Illuminating BMW E36 M3 logo!

Hi Guys,


Today, I came to you with a very nice touch that you absolutely need to do to your M3 BMW. In the following procedure (which was originally written by barefootshifter (bimmerforums) . Thanks to him) you can illuminate your M3 (M///) logo that you have between the speed & rpm gauges. I have to admit that the procedure is a little bit difficult, but the result is fabulous. If you’re not convinced you need to do this work, just take a look at the end of the article with photos of the M3 logo after the job is done. I really like this, so … enjoy my friends…


Disclaimer: Use this procedure at your own risk!!

Ok I recently posted pics of my illuminated M logo; here’s how to create your own.


Step 1 Remove screws holding in gauge cluster. They are #20 torx head and are located here.


STEP 2 Pry out cluster using something flat and skinny–I used a putty knife. Be VERY careful as you don’t want to scratch the dash or gauge cluster!


Step 3 Pull the cluster towards you (the steering wheel should be in its normal position.)


Step 4 Unclip the 3 wiring harnesses in the back of the cluster. This gets a little tricky because the way the harness works. It has a clasp that locks in a down position and you have to depress the spot right in front of it in order to slide it up. I have pointed to the spot you need to press.

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