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Miss July 2007 Photos!

19th July 2007

Miss July 2007 Photos!

What? You were looking for hot chick photos? I’m sorry, this is a BMW website. Does this work for you? If yes, please read on.


I’ve been looking for Miss July 2007 and I found a post by Braymond141 who is showing his car which I have to admit that it’s looking great. Shinny and well maintained. So I decided to feature her as our Miss July 2007. I hope I won’t get some heat because of this from angry guys here who were expecting a fine girl in bikini.


If you have missed our previous models, you can still check them out here.


BTW, do you think this cool BMW E36 will look good in a red bikini?


Enjoy and I’m sorry again for the disappointment (if any 🙂 )






Wait for more from BMW E36 Blog.


best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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