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How to remove BMW E36 rear seats?

23rd December 2006

How to remove BMW E36 rear seats?

How to remove the rear seats that fold down. Come
over here Kid, Let me show you how to do this!?

First you pop the bottle and open up a Corona, then pop the bottom seat off by
pulling up and then out towards the front of the car. You have to pull on both
sides from the bottom portion of the seat up with both hands. (Pull it quick).
Once you have the bottom seat off, take a 16mm wrench or socket and take your
seat belts off. You then have to open both seats and bring them down. Once they
are down, in the center where the seats meat halfway you are going to see this.

Take a flat tip screwdriver and pry it off from the rear. When you take it off,
it�s going to look like this. You will see 2 latches, one for the left and one
for the right. All you have to do is push the latches to the rear and pull up on
the side that you want. (Look at picture below)

Once you lift up, pull the seat towards the opposite side, and it will come off
the other side and you will see this.

Take that bushing looking thing and pull it out. If it�s to hard, pry it out
with a flat tip screwdriver.

After taking that bushing portion thing out, Place your hand on the top portion
of the side and yank it out. It should look like this.

You then pull up on it and take it off the other little bracket it has on the
bottom. It will look like this. (Picture below).

That is it!! Same thing for the other side. Installation is the same way as


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