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A Sweet Red BMW E36 … What can you do for it?

23rd October 2007

A Sweet Red BMW E36 … What can you do for it?


Hi, Let me start today’s post by welcoming our new friend Paul from Latvia. He recently posted a comment at the end of Welcome BMW E36 blog readers post. In that post, I have asked you to fill your information in order to gather as many members and BMW E36 enthusiasts as we could. I received some good response so far, but I’m still hoping of getting even more. So, if you didn’t post your information. Please do right now and lets hear from you.

Now, for today’s post. I have found this red BMW E36 and I have to say, I like it very much. The reason for this maybe the red color, maybe the sweet headlights and maybe how clean it is. Anyway, what I want to see is how good are you guys about modifying cars. So, if you had this car and you only have a budget to modify one thing about its appearance. What would it be? Take a thorough look at the car and let me know which way you would go about modifying it. For me, I think I will change the rims on that car to this or maybe this. So, what about you? how you would go about it?

Take a look and let me what are you going to change



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