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I Had A Serious Accident Yesterday!

1st April 2008

I Had A Serious Accident Yesterday!


Hi folks, yesterday I decided to go an enjoy my car a little bit because it has been a bit too long since the last time I went out. I’ve been very busy with work and I felt that I wanted to feel some speed and doing some crazy things, so I went to a place that I know which isn’t normally crowded and started enjoying my car. The area is great and it’s usually quite so you can try to drive as fast as you can without anyone disturbing you or stop you (police!). After a while I was driving in a very narrow street and there was this tuck which was trying to make a turn and I was doing like 110km/h or something like this when I saw him. I knew right away I won’t be able to stop the car before I hit him, so I started using the horn hoping this stupid A$$ will stop, but he didn’t and I hit him really hard. Luckily I didn’t suffer any injuries and the accident didn’t reach to me (at least one good thing in this bad day), but my car is really really destroyed. Take a look at these photos. I think I will need a fortune to get my car back the way it used to be. Damn it!


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