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BMW E36 328is . . . A White Angel

11th June 2008

BMW E36 328is . . . A White Angel



Today, I brought to you this BMW E36 328is. The car looks fabulous and it’s a real example. of how sexy the E36 cars can be when they’re in very good shape. The car didn’t receive much of modifications and it’s looks almost standard. But it’s very cool and nice looking.

Only one thing I would change about it is the fog lights. I would lose them and put the OEM fog lights back. The car is just amazing!

I just want to apologize for the owner of this car if he reads this. I wanted to put it as miss June, but then I changed my mind because I remembered that I have already picked miss June. She will be revealed in the next few days . . . Sorry man!

Take a look guys, what do you really think?

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