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BMW E36 318is . . . Can You Make It Better?

3rd August 2008

BMW E36 318is . . . Can You Make It Better?


Hi Guys,

Willy Moore, a reader of this blog, has sent me some photos of his 318is. The car looks amazing and I have to admit it’s one of the best looking E36’s I’ve seen. However, I thought of some changes that may enhance the look of the car and I’ve already sent these to Willy. My notes about his car are:

1. The 318is sign: I think this should be removed as it will make the car look better. Besides, you don’t need to tell ppl what engine you have under the hood 😈

2. The rear led lights: well, we’ve disagreed, Willy and I about this, but I think that these do NOT fit in his E36 perfectly. So, I suggested that he should remove them, and he argued that they look awesome at night. I agree that led rear lights look great at night, but they don’t look that good in daylight (at least on his car). Anyway, of course it’s his car and he can do whatever he thinks right.

So, I asked him to publish a post about his car asking you for your opinions and about how you can make this car look even better. So, do you think you can make this car look better? How?

Take a look at the photos first, then let’s hear your opinions…

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