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BMW E36 Crash . . . Driver Is Safe

5th November 2008

BMW E36 Crash . . . Driver Is Safe


I think that you all feel a little bit worried about the BMW E36 safety especially in accidents. At least, I’m sure you’ll be after you read my previous post BMW E36 Impact Safety Test if you haven’t already done so. Today, I was looking for news about BMW E36 cars when I found a news headline about a Rescue operation: BMW driver crashed into a tree (Anyone here knows German?). The car is a BMW E36 sedan and luckily the driver has escaped the crash unharmed. Looking into the pictures taken for the car doesn’t give you the feeling that the driver has escaped such a horrible accident, but luckily he did. So, we can conclude that the BMW E36 is safer than what it looks like in the impact safety test I wrote about before, but this doesn’t mean that you should count on that. Please make sure to drive safely and try to think before doing anything crazy. Take a look at the pictures, the car looks awful:



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