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BMW E36 Headlight Restoration Kit

13th November 2008

BMW E36 Headlight Restoration Kit

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Bernard has been very kind to send me a contribution about headlight restoration. I wrote before about how you can fix your foggy headlights but in some cases, a good clean may do the job very well and it comes handy especially when you’re broke. Today’s post is about the Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration Kit. You can order it from here. Bernard has included 2 pictures for one of his headlights before and after cleaning it with this kit.

BMW E36 Headlight Restoration Kit:

Headlight Restoration Kit


Headlight Restoration Kit Before


Headlight Restoration Kit After

Of course keep in mind that this picture is just after one treatment using this kit. I think it did a great job and it would make even a better one after 2 or 3 treatments. Have you ever tried this kit before?


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  1. 1 On November 14th, 2008, mwill0416 said:

    I have used this kit and I was not happy with the end results. I have one headlight unit that was replaced because I hit a deer. It is brand new.

    So I tried the kit to get the other one to match. It didnt deliver as I hoped. After doing all that I decided that the safety issues made spending the
    money on another new light unit justifiable. They arent cheap but if I had had the new lights on it to begin with I would of seen
    the deer and avoided a 2,800.00 body job on my car!!!1

  2. 2 On November 14th, 2008, ozarkbikeracer1 said:

    You can buy PlastX at Autozone for 4 or 5 dollars and use a rag that has a bit of a knap to it. That way it will dig the plastic lens a little bit without scratching it. This stuff also works well on the plastic back window on convertibles. The best thing you can do for your headlights, though, is buy some aftermarket HID kits from DDM. It’ll be the best $175 you’ll ever spend on your e36. It’s nice to be able to see further than 100 ft. down the road!

  3. 3 On November 15th, 2008, Bernard Gutnick said:

    Thanks for posting my pictures.
    It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s significantly better than before. Everytime I would walk up to my car, I would think of looking up the article about how to replace the glass. I’d say now it look almost as good as new. CD repair kits might work with similar results.