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BMW E36 OEM Floor Mats

4th January 2008

BMW E36 OEM Floor Mats

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Since day one, I was annoyed by my car’s floor mats. They were rubber floor mats and look really disgusting and since I know the quality of the OEM BMW floor mats from my previous E30 car. That made me even more anxious to throw those floor mats away. So, I went and bought another set of floor mats. They were medium quality but not the factory original ones. But guess what . . . I’m still hating these mats too. They have 2 main problems. One is their color. It’s a close match to my car’s interior, but not 100% match. Two is the drivers mat. It’s not fitting there correctly. It keeps moving back and forth and sometimes it gets stuck with my gas pedal.

I’m sure that almost everyone here is suffering from this. Sometimes I think that BMW didn’t make enough floor mats for all the E36 cars that they’ve made 😆 . Anyway, I kept looking for some decent looking floor mats and I think I finally found them. They’re from Koperformance and they have grip fasteners. Take a look, they look really awesome:

BMW E36 OEM Floor Mats

BMW E36 OEM Floor Mats

BMW E36 OEM Floor Mats

BMW E36 OEM Floor Mats

After getting these floor mats, I think this problem will be solved for good.


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  1. 1 On January 5th, 2008, Baback said:

    First of all a great blog. I learnt alot from the DIY section and the car is general keep up the great work!

    I had the same problem with the floormats too. So I bought ones that suited the car in terms off of shape, which didn’t come
    with the fasteners. So I basically removed the fasteners from the old carpet and made new holes with a drill on the new ones
    and put the old fasteners on the new carpet. Luckily the fasteners matched the floormats. Now it doesn’t move at all, Simple!

  2. 2 On January 6th, 2008, Tony Sticks said:

    Yes, you’re correct Baback. But I don’t have the fasteners too 😆 .

  3. 3 On August 18th, 2008, Shane Watson said:

    Thanks for this informative post. This is quite helpful and solve my many problems regarding floor mats. Please keep continue this good work.

  4. 4 On August 18th, 2008, Tony Sticks said:

    @Shane Watson: No problem Shane! I’m glad to help 🙂

  5. 5 On September 6th, 2008, Mo said:

    Those are ok. My problem is that if its raining, they get dirt quick. Especially if theyre tan. You should buy black no matter what your interior color is. Im gonna buy some OEM rubber ones tho