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Exterior Tips For BMW E36

7th January 2008

Exterior Tips For BMW E36

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I’ve found these photos for a red BMW E36 and I thought I should share them with you. I like the car in general, but if this car was mine, I would’ve made some changes to make it red-hot, instead of just red.

First take a look at the photos and then read what I would change to make this car look awesome


Alright, I will begin. This car needs:-

  1. AC Schnitzer Rims (17-Inch): The 15-Inch rims look terrible on this car. I would change these immediately.
  2. Umnitza BMW E36 ZKW Headlights: This will add a unique & modern look to the car and will enhance the lighting as well.
  3. Seibon BMW E36 Carbon Hood: This should give the car an aggressive look. It will look awesome.
  4. AC Schnitzer BMW E36 Front Spoiler: AC Schnitzer body kit will give the car the racing look.
  5. AC Schnitzer BMW E36 Rear Spoiler: AC Schnitzer body kit will give the car the racing look.
  6. AC Schnitzer BMW E36 Left Mirror: Racing mirrors will make the car look great. They’ll boost the performance as well (not sure about the second one LOL! 😆 )
  7. AC Schnitzer BMW E36 Right Mirror: You can’t get one mirror for the car, can you?

What do you think? Did I miss anything?


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