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Rich Dad, Poor Dad!

26th December 2007

Rich Dad, Poor Dad!

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Today, I’m not going to write about BMW E36 cars. I decided to tell you about a book that I’ve been reading and really enjoying. The book is called Rich Dad, Poor Dad What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money–That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!. The author of this book Robert Kiyosaki talks about him being raised by his father (the poor & educated one) and his friend’s father (the rich & not so educated one).

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

What I really liked about this book and thought that I should share with you guys is the fresh look at how we live our lives while working in what he calls the "Rat Race". The book is really an eye-opener and I hope you all have the chance to read it. It’s a very small book and yet I consider it as a gold mine because it makes you think about how you spend your life and how you waste it while taking a daily job to work for money instead of making the money work for you. Yes, the money can work for you!

I guess with the year 2007 coming to an end soon, everyone of us should have a good and deep look at what he’s accomplished until now and what he’s not.



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