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Shame On You BMW

28th January 2008

Shame On You BMW


I normally feel some hatred towards every car that has the Audi emblem. I don’t know why is that and I really don’t care much about it. I don’t recall that I have been excited about Audi cars and I mean NEVER. Before you tell me, I know that Audi cars are very good and reliable, but I just hate them. Maybe that’s because Audi is famous of their conservative designs and I hate those designs. I don’t know, but I think this is about to change. I’ve seen a new car from Audi which is the R8. I saw it first time on Top Gear (It’s a TV show in case you don’t know 😆 ). The car looks fantastic and I absolutely love it. I know that you may disagree with me, but at least, give them the credit for the nice face and headlights. The car is powerful and yet cheap (well, when compared to Lamborghini and similar cars). Its body is made of Carbon Fiber, Magnesium and Aluminium (it’s reminding me of the Bugatti Veyron). Everything about this car looks stunning except one thing, the gear stick. Come on Audi don’t push your luck.

Anyway, I want you to take a look at this car, it’s really cool and please excuse the bad sound.

Take a look:-

I just wish that BMW was the one who designed this car, that’s why I said, shame on you …


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