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A Major Change in the BMW E36 Blog

22nd June 2008

A Major Change in the BMW E36 Blog


I’m not sure if I should feel happy for this or not, but this blog has been attacked twice recently. I’m feeling happy because it means that the blog is getting more and more attention and that’s why the hackers are giving it their attention. On the other hand, I’m feeling pissed off because I thought that it’s secure enough, but it turned out that I was WRONG. Now, Before everyone starts feeling worried about this, I want to assure you that the attacks were made just to get backlinks from this website to other websites (this is called Backlink Juice) which aims to enhance their websites ranking. Luckily I’m here in defense and I won’t allow this to continue.

Today, I’ve been busy making many changes to enhance the blog security and protect it, hopefully, from any future attacks. But, I have a favor to ask. I’ve tested everything I could to make sure that my changes didn’t affect the normal work of the blog, but I’m not 100% sure that I didn’t mess something up, so about that favor … I just need your help in reporting any problems that you may notice or anything weird that you believe it started to happen recently.

thank you guys for being loyal readers to this blog and I hope I will be able to boost my performance in the next few days to provide you with new great posts.

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