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Why You Register On My Blog?

15th April 2008

Why You Register On My Blog?


Hi Guys, I’ve been receiving a very good amount of user registrations on this blog everyday and I used to ignore this piece of information until yesterday when a question struck me. The question is this:

"Maybe the users who register on this blog think that they’re subscribing to it? i.e, they want to receive my posts via email?"

Let me clear this issue:

When you register to my blog (in the right sidebar under "Meta" section), you simply get a username and a password that you can use to login to your account on the blog, but you will NOT be able to receive the latest posts in your email. In order to receive my new posts, you have to Subscribe which is a totally different thing. I offer 2 ways to subscribe to the blog:

1. Using RSS: The big orange RSS icon on the right sidebar at the top)

2. Using Email: At the top of the right sidebar or using the form under every post that I have on this blog.

I know that it’s most likely that you’re already a subscribed member to this blog if you’re reading this post, but my question for you is this:

"Did you register on this blog? If yes, did you think (by mistake) that when you register on this blog that you’re subscribing to my blog posts?"

I’m saying this because if the answer for my second question is yes, this means that I have to act to make sure this point is clear for every new visitor to this blog.

I would appreciate your feedback on this question, so please let me hear your comments about it.


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