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BMW E36 Top Speed

14th June 2008

BMW E36 Top Speed


Today, I have this question for you guys . . . What is the top speed that you have ever achieved out of your BMW E36? For me, I recall that I was on a high way once and I achieved (205km/h) and that wasn’t the best I could do. I had to slow down because of some cars that were going slowly ahead of me and when I tried to do it once more it was too late and I couldn’t get a proper place to try again. So my car’s top speed that I already have made was 205km/h. In the following video, there’s a BMW E36 318is car that achieves a 212km/h top speed (assuming the speed on the screen is accurate) although I believe it may even go further.

So, what about you? Please post your top speed and your car’s engine specs in the comments below.

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t try this before and you suddenly feel that you need to try it, please please be careful and make sure to try this in a proper place. When the car is moving at a speed like 200km+, it gets dangerous and may cause a very serious accident. Be careful!!

Enjoy this…


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28th August 2007

BMW E36 Car Review . . . Part1!


Today I’m going to post a review about BMW E36. I decided to split this review into two or maybe three parts starting by what’s good about these cars and ending with some advice to new buyers. I hope you will find this review useful and somewhat objective. Now, if you’re asking me, why I chose to start with the good things, I will respond that I love this car and consider it one of the best BMW cars ever. So, it’s unfair (in my opinion) to start by counting the bad instead of counting the good. It’s just unfair. Anyway, if you’re anxious to read about the bad things, stay tuned it won’t be long and you know me, I will post the bad things too (as usual) 😉

BMW E36 Review – The Good

The content of this post was taken from here. The author of the original article didn’t approve his content to be published on this blog, so I had to remove the content of the post and post a link instead.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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20th December 2006

Michael’s E36 bimmer … Nice one!

Hi Guys,


I saw this car on the CarDomain website and I thought it really deserves being featured on my website as a model. The car has some nice modifications the I’m listing below.


: 18″ Linea Corse Strasse Magwheels
: H7 Phillips Diamond Vision (Low Beam)
: H1 Phillips Diamond Vision (Fog Lights)
: CCFL Angel Eyes (7000K)
: AC Schnitzer Front Chin
: AC Schnitzer Badge
: AC Schnitzer Muffler Tip
: M-Sport Lip Spoiler
: M-Sport Red / White Tail-lights
: European Plates
: European Plate Covers
: Painted Flat Black Grill
: Painted Body Color Bumpers
: Hella Fog Lamps
: Clear Signal Lights






: Sparco Racing Shiftknob
: Sparco Stripe Pedals
: Gray Face Gauge
: Chrome Cluster Rings
: Custom Red Needles



: Kicker ES525 coaxials (front)
: Kicker ES60 coaxials (rear)
: JVC KD-G425 cd/mp3/iPOD player
: JVC KS-PD100 iPOD adapter
: Blaupunkt GTA 12″ subwoofer
: Blaupunkt GTA 270 amplifier



Engine and Performance
: K&N Air Filter
: Custom Euro Exhaust
: Bilstein Race Lowering Springs




Wait for more!


best regards,

Tony Sticks


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