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BMW E36 Blog reached the 50 subscribers mark!

10th August 2007

BMW E36 Blog reached the 50 subscribers mark!


My friends, I’m really glad to announce that BMW E36 blog just reached the 50 subscribers mark. Well, currently I see that I have 49 subscribers (look at the feed count chicklet on the right sidebar) but yesterday, I had 52 subscribers after a really tough time trying to accomplish this. So finally I did it. I just want to thank you all for being loyal readers of my blog and I hope we will enjoy our time being here together.


Special thanks goes to:

Solodnikov Alexander


Dima Krivko



Mortuis Gratis

Denise Wright


Who submitted their information in the Welcome BMW E36 blog readers! post. If you don’t see your name listed, then you must have missed this post. Please read the post and fill your information.


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