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BMW E36 Car Review . . . Part3!

2nd September 2007

BMW E36 Car Review . . . Part3!


This is the third and final part of the BMW E36 car review series. If you didn’t read BMW E36 Car Review . . . Part 1 or BMW E36 Car Review . . . Part2 I strongly suggest that you read them first before reading this part. This final part talks about the cost analysis of a BMW E36 maintenance in the period of 1999~2006. And finally there are some tips for new BMW E36 buyers. I hope you will like this post.

Before I leave you with the post, I want to thank Doug Vetter for this great article as it shows a realistic record of how much we (BMW E36 owners) are paying for maintaining our cars without realizing how expensive it is.


BMW E36 Review – Cost Analysis

The content of this post was taken from here. The author of the original article didn’t approve his content to be published on this blog, so I had to remove the content of the post and post a link instead.

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