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Tinting BMW E36 Yourself . . . DIY

6th October 2008

Tinting BMW E36 Yourself . . . DIY


This week, I hope I will be back to posting frequency at the normal speed. I hope you’re missing my posts and looking forward to getting more in the future.

In the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed many questions about tinting cars and getting it done professionally. When I decided to give my car a tint, I took it to get that job done professionally. But, After I saw the process, I honestly don’t think it’s hard to accomplish and it was very easy. As a matter of fact, it’s much easier than many DIY’s that you’ll do to your car and best of all, he used WATER as the solution to do the whole tinting, so all you need to get this job done is the tinting film and some extra time PERIOD.

In the following video, you’ll find a simple tutorial that will guide you through the whole process, so enjoy and I hope you will find it interesting:


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