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BMW E36 vs BMW E46 . . . Which One Do You Prefer?

4th March 2008

BMW E36 vs BMW E46 . . . Which One Do You Prefer?


These are some photos that I’ve found for a BMW E36 and a BMW E46 together. The photos look really great and invite you to make a comparison between both cars. Of course, the color of the E36 is not my favorite and I absolutely love the E46 color very much (I think it’s Montego blue). This is to make things even worse. If it was up to me with those cars, I would change the E36 color to Montego blue and I’m 100% confident it is going to be a very clear choice that the E36 will look much better and sexier than the E46. What do you think guys? do you think the E36 is better looking than the E46 or not?



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