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BMW E36 Top Speed

14th June 2008

BMW E36 Top Speed


Today, I have this question for you guys . . . What is the top speed that you have ever achieved out of your BMW E36? For me, I recall that I was on a high way once and I achieved (205km/h) and that wasn’t the best I could do. I had to slow down because of some cars that were going slowly ahead of me and when I tried to do it once more it was too late and I couldn’t get a proper place to try again. So my car’s top speed that I already have made was 205km/h. In the following video, there’s a BMW E36 318is car that achieves a 212km/h top speed (assuming the speed on the screen is accurate) although I believe it may even go further.

So, what about you? Please post your top speed and your car’s engine specs in the comments below.

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t try this before and you suddenly feel that you need to try it, please please be careful and make sure to try this in a proper place. When the car is moving at a speed like 200km+, it gets dangerous and may cause a very serious accident. Be careful!!

Enjoy this…


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