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Top Gear review for the BMW M3 CSL (Super-fast M3!!!)

26th July 2007

Top Gear review for the BMW M3 CSL (Super-fast M3!!!)

Today, we have two new friends who filled their information in our BMW E36 enthusiasts community. Please welcome Steve and Tomas. Thank you guys for filling your info. I’m really glad to see this list grow day by day since I made the post. For those of you who like BMW E36 cars, and they didn’t read my post Welcome BMW E36 blog readers! yet, please do and let’s hear from you. I’m expecting this list to grow bigger in the coming few days. What are you waiting for? Come on, join us!


CSL: I recall, if I’m not mistaken, that I heard about this car two or three years ago, but I’m not 100% sure if it was the same one that we will watch it today. The one thing that stayed in my mind about this car is the CSL. It was the first time I hear that BMW has a CSL type. Of course I was (hmmm…and still) amazed by the power and style of this super M3. The only thing that shocked me today is to learn that this car doesn’t come with A/C, heated seats and even radio LOOOL. Can you believe a BMW M3 with no radio? I don’t. The car has thin glass to minimize weight and it has a carbon fiber top.


OK, enough of me, I will leave you to enjoy the sight and the sound of the BMW M3 CSL.





For those of you who liked this car. I meant all of you because I’m almost sure no one can hate such a car, you can find some more details about it and some wallpapers for your desktop here.


I hope you liked the video . . . if not, come on let’s see your videos 😉



Wait for more from BMW E36 Blog.


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