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BMW E36 Car Review . . . Part1!

28th August 2007

BMW E36 Car Review . . . Part1!


Today I’m going to post a review about BMW E36. I decided to split this review into two or maybe three parts starting by what’s good about these cars and ending with some advice to new buyers. I hope you will find this review useful and somewhat objective. Now, if you’re asking me, why I chose to start with the good things, I will respond that I love this car and consider it one of the best BMW cars ever. So, it’s unfair (in my opinion) to start by counting the bad instead of counting the good. It’s just unfair. Anyway, if you’re anxious to read about the bad things, stay tuned it won’t be long and you know me, I will post the bad things too (as usual) 😉

BMW E36 Review – The Good

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