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What problems does your BMW E36 have?

19th November 2007

What problems does your BMW E36 have?


We all know that BMW E36 cars do have some (or many) problems that you will have to face sooner or later. I usually try to ignore them for a while, but find myself unable to keep ignoring them anymore, so I start a campaign to fix any problems that I see (or feel 🙂 ). Last time, my headlights were looking foggy and I thought of replacing them, but unfortunately, found a very good solution (kind of waxing) that restored them to their great shiny look. Although I successfully managed to fix this, I still have many issues to fix in the car. For instance, the paint needs some maintenance. My sunroof doesn’t open correctly, so I have to address this as well. I also need to do the Making your BMW Angel Eyes Fadeout . . . DIY! procedure which I talked about yesterday. That’s for my car, what about you guys? Anyone cares to share his/her car’s problems with us? Is it your headliner? Glove box? Windows? AC? Engine? . . . come on people, don’t be shy . . . Oh . . . one more thing, I forgot to mention my idle problem that’s driving me crazy.

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