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The Never Ending BMW E36 Story

28th November 2007

The Never Ending BMW E36 Story


I’m sure you’re a little confused about the title of this post, and you maybe hit it just to know what is that never ending story. It all begins with a thread on bimmerforums, in which, Quart3r asks the readers of that thread to help him create a story about BMW E36. The trick is that every reader should participate in writing the story with a line of text (no more) that will build on the previous post.

I liked the idea and found it very cute and funny. The story goes like this:

QUART3R: While driving in my 325i…
IM OVER IT: While driving in my 325i…I decided to trade it on a 318is
DOWNEASTER1: I decided to trade it on a 318is…and then sadly disappointed, I traded it back
ASC OFF: But it wasn’t the same
JAKEDANIEL: I felt I needed something more, something to fill the empty space in my heart and my driveway.
ROARF: …and then I saw the puddle under the car
BESKHU3EPNM: The puddle was dark brown, and it was found to be a mixture of power steering fluid, engine oil, and antifreeze.
DOWNEASTER1: so I called for my trusty Bentley manual
ASC OFF: To find it could not be repaired
BESKHU3EPNM: So I went on b.fc to research a S50/S52 swap [LOOOOL]!
ROARF: but I was drunk at the time and decided to swap in a VTEC instead
PAUL NJ: so I went to eBay and looking around I found some nice Mods
BESKHU3EPNM: Including this thread So I made another pointless thread on bf.c to ask everyone about it.
ROARF: then I found this thread and realized this was the answer to ALL of my problems
ASC OFF: When it arrived I started the install
RANDAN: This mod with a couple of stickers, easily gave me 50+ hp.
DOWNEASTER1: just then, a few of the local ricers showed up
BESKHU3EPNM: But I couldn’t drive anywhere as my plastic fan blade had shattered, taking out my rad, hoses, etc
ASC OFF: So the repairs began again
MMMCOOKIES…: so I hopped a ride in with one of the ricers and headed down to our local pepboys
PAUL NJ: and there we find some fine tuning, with the outstanding customer service
MMMCOOKIES…: until the drugs wore off and we realized we were in pepboys…
ROARF: I couldn’t help but notice the Dunkin Donuts next door. [LOOOOL]!
MMMCOOKIES…: so we flew over there but it was too late… the cops had baracaded the doors…. [A twist…]

If you liked the story like me, I think you’ll need to read the rest of the thread here.


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