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Now drivers can talk to each other. . . Sweet!

24th July 2007

Now drivers can talk to each other. . . Sweet!


I’ve found an article that is talking about a service called SameLane. Now this service seems to be promising and I really like the idea behind it. Imagine that you’re driving on a highway alone and you’re feeling really bored because of the endless road. Of course, having a friend or a wife sitting in the passenger seat will solve that problem. But I can recall many times when I was driving by myself and the road looked really long. Anyway, the service will simply allow you to call other drivers that you can see their cars plates. When you see the Samelane sticker on that car, you pick your phone and dial the SameLane mobile phone number and enter the license plate of the car in front of you. This will allow you to call the driver in the other car…cool huh. I would love to try the service.


The idea of this service is very simple and that’s what I like about it. Did you guys try it before? If yes, how was it?





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Tony Sticks.

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