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Removing BMW E36 Center Airvent . . . DIY!

22nd September 2008

Removing BMW E36 Center Airvent . . . DIY!


If your car is like mine and has spent quite a long time without having the cabin air filter (please don’t even ask why), then I’m sure that your center airvent will be very dirty. Mine has tons of dirt and needs a very good cleaning as soon as possible. So, I decided to give it a clean up. The problem is that I don’t want to use air or water to clean the dirt from outside (front) because this will simply push the dirt inside the airvent deeper and it will come back again very soon after I turn on my air-conditioning. So, I thought the only possible way to give it a good cleanup is to remove the center airvent. It turned out that removing the center airvent is not as hard as I thought it would be. Basically, you will have to remove your radio and remove two screws that are holding the center airvent from below, then you’ll need to release a cable from under your knee panel. Don’t worry this is not hard either. After you do both steps, you will be able to get that airvent out then you can give it a very good cleanup.

I know that you’re waiting for a detiled writeup about this process, and I found a very good one for you, check here. It provides a detailed DIY (Do It Yourself) on how to accomplish this task easily.


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