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BMW 330i Without Driver (Driverless BMW) . . . Insane!

12th January 2008

BMW 330i Without Driver (Driverless BMW) . . . Insane!


Have you heard about a car that doesn’t need a driver before? I know I did hear that before and it was like many theories about how to control the car and how the car can determine the path that it’s going to take … etc. Today, I’ve found a video of a real BMW car (not a theory) that can drive by itself. I know it is crazy!. I’ve seen BMW cars that can park without the need for their driver intervention (driverless parking) like these videos:

But this new technology is really cool! I absolutely LOVE it. This makes you wonder about the future and how it’s going to be. I think in the near future a BMW car will wake up in the morning, go to work while you’re sleeping in your bed, and at the end of the day, it will come back home and just hand you the money 😆 wouldn’t that be great?!

Take a look:


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