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BMW E36 drifting . . . In the street!

11th July 2007

BMW E36 drifting . . . In the street!

This is a new video that I found on YouTube. It’s for 2 BMW E36 doing some crazy drifting and I have to be honest, they’re good, very good. I also like both cars very much as they look great and seem to be well maintained. The only thing I hate about this is that the drifting is being made in open streets with traffic which can be very serious and can make fatal accidents. Fortunately, there are no accidents in the video. I think you should see it.


Take a look . . .  



I hope you liked the video . . . if not, come on let’s see your videos 😉


Wait for more from BMW E36 Blog.


Best regards,

Tony Sticks.

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