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28th September 2008

BMW E36 Forum


I’ve published a post and a poll asking for your opinions about creating a new forum on this website that is devoted to the BMW E36 cars only. Since then, I’ve been watching the results and I saw that most of you think that it’s a very good idea. So, I decided sometime ago to start creating that forum and now it’s almost done. You can check the forum here:

BMW E36 Forum

Please feel free to register your account and start using it. I just want to let you know that I still need to:

1. Make some modifications to the forum’s header which I’m not happy with it yet. The orange bar that is covering the car should be moved down a little bit, but it seems to be harder than I thought.

2. Install some mods for the Phpbb3 forum which is going to make using the forum easier and more efficient.

3. Find moderators: I was hoping that some of you will come forward to become moderators on the forum because I’m not sure that it’s going to be a very easy task to do it alone. So, please register your account and shoot me an email. I’m having some people in my mind, but I will wait and see before starting to ask you by names :p

Please notice that the forum is just starting and I’ve updated the settings according to what I feel is right (I’m not an expert in the forums). So, if you think there’s something missing or something that needs to be modified, please feel free to let me know by adding a comment below.

Also, what do you think of the categories? Did I miss anything?

One last thing. I originally thought of the forum idea to allow you to ask questions freely and to solve an important problem that I’m having with the blog. That is, people are using the comment field under the blog posts to ask questions that are not related to the post subject. Starting from now, please post these questions in the forum, not the blog. Thanks for understanding.

Enjoy the forum


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