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Fuel Lines Checkup Inside BMW E36 . . . Safety Measure

3rd May 2008

Fuel Lines Checkup Inside BMW E36 . . . Safety Measure


Greg has posted a comment on this blog about a safety measure that everyone of us has to do. It’s about doing a checkup on your fuel lines that are coming from the fuel tank and fuel pump. This is a very important issue that I think everyone of us has to do. The problem is that this was a comment on a post and not everyone of you is going to see, so I decided to republish it again as a new post because it’s very important and needs your immediate attention. So, here you go. The post is written in Greg’s own words.

Here is a very important job every e36 owner has to do. In particular the e36 1995 318i 318is M3 323 etc owners. BMW had major problems with hose clamps on fuel lines coming from fuel tanks/fuel pumps. Ever parked your car and got out and in doing so had the smell of fuel in the air? mmmmmmmmm here’s what to do:-

1. Put both front seats all the way forward and tilt forward.
2. Now remove the back seat base by simply pulling upwards on front lower edge, remove from car.
3. You will see that there are 2 access divisions cut into the sound proofing, lift and tuck out of the way.
4. With a Phillips head screwdriver remove both oval shape covers, this gives access to the fuel level sender units and fuel pump.

If you have any fuel sitting in these 2 places I strongly suggest you carefully replace clamps with screw type ones. Be careful not to damage plastic connection pieces and if fuel has been leaking for a long time you may find the fuel line exterior may be brittle and clamp will not seal to plastic tails. My e36 coupe had all of the above and a hair line crack in the fuel level sender unit on the passenger side. Drivers side is a fuel level sender unit and a fuel pump in one. Hope you don’t have to replace the cross over fuel line ( the 12mm fuel line) as you may have to remove fuel tank to do so. It has a metal centre section you can see that is attached to body of the car. Hope this info helps out.

Please check it out it only takes 15 minutes to check it and may save your car from burning to the ground.

Kind regards to you all,
Greg ( from Adelaide Australia )


Thank you Greg for sharing this information with us.


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