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BMW E36 Navigation System

25th September 2008

BMW E36 Navigation System


I’m sure the title of this post has dragged your attention and it should because it did the same to me. I’ve discovered that the BMW E36 had an OEM option to get a navigation system with it. It seems the navigation system was a rare option and very expensive at the production time which explains how rare it is. I think it may also have been not very common and that’s why not too many cars have that option installed.

Take a look at this picture:

It’s amazing to find out that a BMW 1993 or maybe older could have this integrated navigation system.

Before anyone asks, I’m not sure if this navigation system is text or image based as I didn’t see it running. All I got to prove the existence of such an option is the above picture and this realoem link. I think it would be very cool if that option could be installed in our cars. Don’t you think?

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18th August 2008

Installing a BMW E36 Carputer


Scott, a reader of the BMW E36 Blog, has sent me some info about a project that he’s working on. The project is actually a carputer (Car Computer) that will be installed in his 1997 318is and will be handling the GPS, music, phone calls (Freehand) and reverse camera. The idea is really cool and I think Scott has accomplished most of the project. Here’s a video of the touch screen installed in the car:

For more details about the project and the components used, please refer to Scott’s website
here. Thanks Scott for the great info.


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