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BMW E36 Mods And Upgrades

17th March 2008

BMW E36 Mods And Upgrades


Take a look at this thread on bimmerfest. It has a list of the most common mods/upgrades that can be made for your BMW E36 and best of all, the list is ordered by what you should do first. The list includes decent petrol to use for your car, good spark plugs like the NGK IRIDIUM IX, Good tires like Pirelli, Bridgestone and Yokohama, CAI (Cold Air Intake) but I’m not sure about the 10BHP gain as I read many posts about BMW owners not feeling any difference after that upgrade. To continue with the list Good brakes, Performance chip like (Dinan or Turner although I hear that Turner performance chip will make you feel the difference more in performance). These are the basic upgrades for your BMW.

If you’re interested in doing more advanced upgrades, follow the link above as it will provide you with more details and more procedures to give your BMW E36 stronger muscles 😉


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